Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Education Coordinator's Corner Tip #2

TIP #2

2. Resist doing for her what she can do herself. While it may be quicker and easier to do it yourself, it won't help to make your child more self-sufficient. Quick hint: Appeal to her sense of pride, suggests Donna Jones, a preschool teacher at Southern Oregon University's Schneider Children's Center in Ashland, Oregon. "Whenever I'm trying to get kids to dress, put jackets on, sit on chairs during meals and so on, I'll ask them: 'Do you want me to help you or can you do it yourself?' Those words are like magic," promises Jones. "The kids always want to do it for themselves."

Children are very proud of what they accomplish so praise them often when they do.  They will reward you by wanting to do more themselves. This gives you a little more time for other things that you want to do!  By giving a child choices, they will choose one or the other most of the time instead of “mommy - you do it”. Lay out two different sets of clothing in the morning and tell them they can choose one or the other to wear - you can even get creative and say to them “surprise me!”  Even if they mix things up and wear pink socks on one foot and green on the other - so what! They dressed themselves without your help!

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